Monday, January 21, 2013


Friends, buddies, confidants, amigos, besties...whatever you call them, they will be there when you need them. This week was a week full of buddies for me.

I started my week off with some Biggest Loser Yoga with my 5 year old, Bryce. He is a harder coach than Bob Harper! He critiques my posture, tells me I didn't do a pose long enough, and doesn't let me take breaks...I love it! He actually refers to himself as Coach Bryce :)

On Tuesday, I did a hill workout on my treadmill. I dialed in a local golf course on my iFit program and ran it slow and easy.

I had to take the next 2 days off because of a crazy work schedule.

Here's where the fun begins...
Friday, I met Ginger at the Bremerton YMCA for my first attempt at aqua jogging. I have to say, it was a lot of fun and I got quite a workout in. 1.5 hours to be exact! We subbed in some swimming in between the laps of jogging to give the leg muscles a break and work on arms. I have to admit...I was sore for 2 straight days following this workout! This was the most water time I've done in forever!!! I'm not usually a big fan of swimming but we will talk about that another time.

Saturday, I met up with Melissa and Diana for some interval running in Silverdale. I love that I can post online that I need a running buddy and people always come through for me. I really loved that we all happened to show up in the same hat for our run! That's one way to run happy. Another highlight of the day is that a fellow running buddy drove by us on his way to work and took our picture, honked, and cheered for us. It was like our own personal race day. Thanks again Chad for the support!

Sunday: I got up early to hit my favorite spin class but had some technical difficulties. The first bike I grabbed had the wrong pedals and the second bike I chose had a broken seat. The class was beyond full so I didn't have any other options. I put the bike away and hit the treadmill. After that, I went back to the spin room for Amy's muscle toning class. She kicked my butt!!!

Monday, I was fortunate enough to have another running buddy answer my call. Back to Silverdale I went to run with LaRee.

Running is amazing on its own. It gives me time to reflect, to find clarity, to think uninterrupted. However, running with my gives me a chance to laugh, to bond, and to know that I am not the only crazy person who loves running.

Thank you to all my amazing buddies out there. You continue to inspire me constantly!

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